National Standards/Certification Tests
There are established national standards for truck operators and from these standards developed the National Driver Certification Program. Certification tests include Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery in the areas of:

Tests consist of questions on the following topics:

  • Professional Image and Personal Appearance
  • Operator Responsibilities as a Towing and Recovery Professional
  • Personal Safety Considerations
  • Customer Service
  • Communication Skills
  • Safety at the Scene
  • Safe Driving During Towing and Recovery Operations
  • Proper Procedures for Vehicle Preparation for Towing and Recovery
  • Accident Prevention Skills
  • Types and Classifications of Towing and Recovery Equipment
  • Proper Inspection/Care of Towing and Recovery Units
  • Incident Management
  • Special Considerations Involved in Hazmat Recoveries
  • Equipment Required for Proper Operation of Various Towing and Recovery Units
  • Proper Hook-up Procedures for Specialty Vehicles, medium/heavy truck, combinations
  • Loading, Securing, and Unloading a Vehicle Using Carriers and Trailers
  • Cargo Concerns including Loading, Securing and Unloading
  • Proper Procedures for Uprighting Overturns
  • Recoveries—Proper Winching Techniques